About me

This is goning to pretty long, not sure if reading it is the best usage of your time but I'm gonna just write it and put it here. I also try to update it once in a while as I like to have my story somewhere out there.

It’s a story of the path I took since I understood what are computers (and later computer programming) and then decided that’s where I want to deploy my fingers on (I also tried to play the piano but god I hated it).

Hi I’m Vahid Mostofi. In the winter of 1992, I was born in Iran and raised in Tehran, a four-seasoned capital city of my homeland, a land of sun and a dazzling diversity of cultures and customs all of which are fabulous and beaming. I am from a family of four having my parents and younger brother residing in Tehran.

Soon I’ll replace this paragraph with a long boaring story on how I was introduced the world of programming, so if you are reading this before that, you’re really lucky.

Today, I’m a developer who has done game development, worked on freelance projects, experienced what machine learning and deep learning are, worked on backend and distributed systems and for some reason has got two master deggrees. It has been a great experience and I’ve enjoyed every single of them. The path made me who I am and introduced me to many great, nice and smart people that I always try to keep contact with.

Between 2015 and 2017 (after I finished my Bachelor Program at Tehran University in Computer Science), I was one of the co-founders of youtabgames. We developed couple of video games back then. You can check them out in the game development section(I’ll add them soon). I have not followed that line of activity since 2017. From 2017, I’ve been working on backend development, Data Science and DevOps operations.

In 2017, I started my first Master at Shahid Beheshti University. I worked on generating graphs (read about Network Science) using generative models of Deep Learning. I’m not using Deep Learning now (sadly), but back then I was really into Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Specially Generative Models.

Having accomplished my master in Shahid Beheshti University, I was awarded a place in Calgary University in which I have been currently doing my second master. For the time I’m working on performance evaluation of Microservice Applications. My goal is combine my knowledge in Data Science and Machine Learning and apply them on the enormous amount of data I can extract from microservice stacks (for example when they are being managed by container orchestrators) to optimize them.

I came to Calgary in August 2019, being accompanied with my wife to whom I married a month before residing in Calgary. My wife has graduated from the so called University of Shahid Beheshti. We both share the same major in master. I am delighted to have her beside me. We have both experienced the blessing of being partners as well as colleagues.

Lastly, during this almost 10 years of joyful computer programming journey, I’ve had different colleagues which became my friends. I’ve also had friends which we launched a startup together, grew and even failed but the journey made us closer. To me the enriching part of any project is building connections and friendship across the world. I do believe that hard work will pay off if it is managed correctly in a team.

Feel free to contact me, I always enjoy chatting with new people.

Thanks for reading!